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BBOWS Volleyball and Basketball Registration Form

New Officials Only

This form is for the purpose of registration only.  It is not intended to be a commitment or assignment to any games.  Assignments may be changed by the assigner, or an official may be removed from a game by the assigner if such removal is deemed to be in the best interest of an official, an institution, or BBOWS.  The official agrees to serve as an independent contractor for game assignments and agrees that he/she shall not hold any institution, the assigner, or BBOWS liable for any damages or injuries he/she may suffer arising out of any participation as an officials or en-route to and from a contest.

* Please precede your typed signature with /s/.  Example:  /s/John Doe

New Officials Only


List any and all boards/systems, etc. (including BBOWS) for which you plan to officiate. Put them in order of your preference or date commitment.


Electronic Payments through Arbiter or make checks payable to BBOWS.

$75.00 - BBOWS
$34.00 - MPSSAA
$7.00 - Volleyball/Basketball Manual
$116.00 - Total
* $10.00 - Late fee if not paid before the due date.
$45.00 - Allied Fee (must be a full member of another board and pay MPSSAA dues.)

New Officials Only

Years of experience in sport as a:
Training Class Fee: $175.00
Make check payable to BBOWS
Mail Form and Check to:
BBOWS c/o Fran Trumbo
5700 Mineral Hill Road
Eldersburg, Maryland 21784
Office Phone: 410-596-0245
*All returned checks subject to $25.00 fee.

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